Crown Royale is one of those interesting hit-per-pack products that the card companies continue to trot out in front of us to separate us from our collecting dollars.  While it may sound like I’m not a fan of this set, that’s not entirely true.  I haven’t opened any of this since 2010 Crown Royale Football, and I really love the base card designs in these products (which is why I would love to see a retail version).  Some of the hits, namely the Rookie Silhouettes with the huge patch behind the player’s photo, are outstanding.  On the other hand, others have been similar to ‘standard Panini’, so to speak.

With tomorrow’s release of 2011-12 Panini Crown Royale Hockey, we have a box of four packs with five cards a giving us twenty cards for our $100.  it’s definitely a gamble to purchase this by the pack, but by the box it should come out with some solid items.  Not many changes are coming or really needed from last year’s set, and what tweaks there are should serve to make this a solid hockey product for this early i nthe season.

Release Date:  February 8, 2012
Price Point:  Approximately $30 per pack or $100 per box at Blowout Cards.
Product Loadout:  5 cards per pack, 4 packs per box, 12 boxes per case.
Hit Ratios:  Each box will contain two autographs and two memorabilia cards.

Product Information:

  • 100 card base set (1-100)
  • In Harm’s Way (20 cards, #’d to 299)
  • Lancers (25 cards, #’d to 250)
  • Legends (12 cards)
  • Lords of the NHL (12 cards, #’d to 499)
  • Loyalty (25 cards, #’d to 250)
  • Razor’s Choice (#’d to 99)
  • Regal Achievement (20 cards, #’d to 499)
  • Regents (101-115, #’d to 499)
  • Royal Lineage (25 cards, #’d to 100 or less)
  • Royal Pains (12 cards, #’d to 499)

Autographs, Relics and Parallels:

  • Coat of Arms Patches (50 cards, #’d to 25 or less)
  • Heirs To The Throne Material (50 cards, #’d to 250 or less)
  • Heirs To The Throne Prime (#’d to 50 or less)
  • Heirs To The Throne Signature Material (#’d to 50 or less)
  • Heirs To The Throne Signature Prime Material (#’d to 10 or less)
  • Ice Blue Parallel (#’d to 10)
  • Lancers Prime (#’d to 50)
  • Lancers Patches (#’d to 25 or less)
  • Legends Memorabilia (#’d to 100 or less)
  • Legends Patches (#’d to 10 or less)
  • Legends Signatures (#’d to 25)
  • Lords of the NHL Memorabilia (#’d to 99 or less)
  • Lords of the NHL Patches (#’d to 15 or less)
  • Loyalty Patches (#’d to 25)
  • Premiere Date Parallel (#’d to 100)
  • Premiere Date Signatures (#’d to 100 or less)
  • Purple Parallel (#’d to 25)
  • Red Parallel (1/1)
  • Red Signatures (1/1)
  • Rookie Silhouettes Signature Prime Materials (20 cards, #’d to 99 or less)
  • Rookie Silhouettes Signature Patch Materials (#’d to 25)
  • Rookie Royalty Signatures (45 cards, #’d to 499)
  • Royal Lineage Prime (#’d to 50 or less)
  • Royal Lineage Patches (#’d to 25 or less)
  • Scratching the Surface Signatures (100 cards, #’d to 100 or less)
  • Voices of the Game Signatures (15 cards)

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